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Virtual Worship - ZOOM

As we all know, the precautions necessary to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to gather in person for the duration of the pandemic. To continue to worship together, Eugene Friends Church embraced virtual worship. We decided to use Zoom so that we could gather and greet one another in real-time.


Even as the pandemic wound to a close, Eugene Friends Church realized that a continued commitment to online worship is not a hindrance that detracts from in-person worship but rather a vital way to reach our community and accomplish the church’s mission.

Tips and Suggestions for Virtual Worship

  • Find a place where you will be physically comfortable for the next hour. You may want this to intentionally be a different space from your work-from-home seating arrangement. 

  • When you enter the virtual worship space, be aware of what you are making visible to others in the room. This may include your name and/or photo.

  • Keep in mind that we are trying to maintain the spirit of our physical worship as best as possible. Please act as you would during worship in our sanctuary. (Spiritually focused, no recordings or cameras, no other internet use.)

  • If you choose “Gallery View” at the top right corner, you will be able to see everyone in the meeting at once. Some people have found seeing everyone helpful for feeling the sense of the community being together. You can alternatively choose “Speaker View” which centers on whoever is speaking. 

  • Please mute yourself during worship unless you are saying something so background noise is not transmitted to everyone.

  • We welcome families into our virtual space no less than our physical one. Babies and small children are a beloved part of our community. Virtual meetings have the advantage of caregivers being able to attend to restless or vocal little ones with the mute setting on, which we hope allows more parents to remain in worship without having to leave the space.

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