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Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Report

Since its beginning, Eugene Friends Church has been promoting and instilling earth stewardship and environmental responsibility to its meeting.

We believe that the decisions we make as humans can either enhance or degrade the quality of life on the planet. We live in a time where we find ourselves confronting global issues such as climate change, energy inequity, and pollution.  Today, the leading source of global energy consumption is fossil fuels including oil, coal, and natural gas. From extraction to end-use, the life cycle of energy produced from fossil fuels has led to severe strain on both the local and global environment.

As stewards of the earth, we strive to make sound energy decisions that will lessen our carbon footprint. To this end, we installed an array of solar panels on our rooftop.

Renewable solar energy reduces air pollution, slows global warming, lessens dependence on imported oil, and strengthens local economies.

Below you will find a monthly report on our solar energy production, as well as, quarterly and annual production comparisons.

Monthly Solar Report

Web - Solar Report Feb 2024.jpg
Web - Solar Report Q1 February.jpg

Quarterly Solar Report

Annual Solar Reports

Website - Year-to-date Solar Report - February 2024.jpg
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