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Welcome to Eugene Friends Church

A Quaker Fellowship

Church Schedule

Join Us for Worship: Inside, Outside, Online!

Sunday Worship
in person
at 11:00 am

Unable to join us in person? Click the button below to join the service via ZOOM.

We also hold a ZOOM fellowship for about 15 minutes following service.

Adult Bible Study Sunday 9:45 am - 10:45 am*
*Available in person only, ZOOM option not available for Adult Bible Study

Join our Adult Bible Study Group in the Fireside Room (near the kitchen) from 9:45 to 10:45 am. Each week, we will explore new topics from the Illuminate Adult Bible Study curriculum.

Illuminate Adult Bible Study is the only Bible study curriculum that is written by Friends and for Friends. 

3495 W. 18th Avenue, Eugene OR 97402

We are family. We believe in Jesus.

We work together to help bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. We believe that Jesus came to teach everyone himself, and we give space for that in our worship and community. In addition to traditional Quaker open worship, we also have singing, preaching, praises, and prayers. Community matters at Eugene Friends Church. We will welcome you.

"Friends see "that of God" in everyone; how we treat other people demonstrates our relationship with God. And how we treat our world demonstrates our love for God's creation."

Eugene Friends Church

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