Eugene Friends Church partners and/or supports many organizations in Lane County


  • Egan Warming Centers.  The warming centers ensure that homeless people in Lane County have shelter and food when temperatures are below freezing.  They are located in various churches and at LCC.  We have many active volunteers working at the Warming Centers and we work at recruiting people to assist and volunteer for this life saving organization.  Check our bulletin for volunteer training sessions or go to

  • St. Vincent de Paul.  St. Vinnies is an amazing local charity that helps provide affordable housing, job, and services to those in need. They operate the Egan Warming Centers and many thrift stores locally, as well as helping with job searches, employment, and renter rehabilitation.
  • Catholic Community Services.  Catholic Community Services was organized in 1952 to help families and individuals in need. If EFC is unable to provide immediate or emergency assistance to visitors, we refer them to this important organization.  We support CCS with a food drive and a winter clothing collection drive.
  • Squeaky Clean Hygiene Drive. We participate in this annual June drive to collect personal hygiene items for individual in need.  This is a Catholic Community Service event.
  • Matching Rent Funds.  When funds are available, we provide a pledge to help individuals pay their rent.
  • Food Pantry Needs. We help deliver food to people who cannot make it to the food panty.



“The hands that do the work of God are often found at the end of our arms.”
— Sister Monica Jones - The Call of the Midwife