Pastor Job Description

The pastor and the congregation of Eugene Friends Church work together to perform the various ministries of the church. 


Eugene Friends Church is seeking a pastor who will carry primary responsibility for the following ministries:

  • Preaching and teaching that is scripturally based with a focus on the traditions and testimonies of Friends.
  • Outward focus on community activities and services and peace/social concerns.
  • Crisis and high-need visitation as well as support for congregation’s hospitality ministry.
  • Support for worship planning and music ministries.
  • Support for strategic planning activities.
  • Support and encouragement for people who have preaching gifts.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Other essential functions:

  • Expand and cultivate intellectual awareness through continuing education of the Bible and other Christian witness or writings.
  • Instruct and encourage members and attenders to develop their understanding of Quaker faith and practice. This may include conducting Quaker membership class and/or providing multi-media or online membership materials.
  • Provide support and guidance for the religious education needs of the church, especially programs for children and youth.
  • Support and foster the spiritual growth and ministry of members and attenders, encouraging individuals to become more involved in the life and ministry of the church when appropriate, and encouraging educational activities, spiritual nurture groups, retreats, workshops, etc.
  • Affirm and support through public ministry the church’s connectedness with other Friends churches in our region of the country, especially the Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. 
  • Provide individual counseling to persons seeking spiritual and moral guidance, and to those preparing for marriage. 
  • Call on the sick, the bereaved, and the needy, and facilitate the compassionate interest of others on their behalf. 
  • Preach for the edification of the church, as led of the Lord, working with the elders in arrangements for worship and other preaching ministries.
  • Serve as an advisory member of the church committees and departments as needed. 
  • Other duties and responsibilities as agreed upon by the Elders.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong teaching and preaching skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Skills in mediation and peacemaking.
  • Desire and demonstrated ability to pursue active, continuous personal professional and spiritual development. 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Creative talent for finding new and better ways of doing things.
  • Leadership skills to facilitate Eugene Friends Church in its continued pursuit of deeper expressions of faith and action. 



  • The pastor shall report to and be under the direct supervision of the Board of Elders and shall provide monthly updates to the Elders reporting on activities in the name of, and for, Eugene Friends Church.
  • The Elders shall support and encourage the pastor.
  • The pastor shall maintain budget and expenses related to salary and benefits within the confines set forth by the Stewardship Committee.
  • Six months after hire and then annually, the Elders and the pastor shall conduct a performance assessment.
  • Specific terms including the length of the pastor’s call shall be recommended by the Elders to the Business Meeting for final approval.



  • The workload is a balance of the congregation’s right to expect full service and the pastor’s obligation to attend to their own personal well-being and family responsibilities. It is reasonable to expect a full-time pastor to work and manage an average work load from week to week knowing this will vary.
  • The Elders will consider hiring a pastor for less than full-time depending on the needs of the congregation and the personal/financial needs of the pastor.
  • Eugene Friends Church provides the pastor Sundays off from preaching and/or other Sunday duties as agreed upon with the Elders.



  • Public confession of Christian faith.
  • At least three (3) years of experience as a pastor, associate pastor, and/or youth pastor, or equivalent experience.
  • A college degree with a bachelor’s or master’s degree preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience with Quaker traditions and testimonies preferred. The pastor should seek to enter and complete the recording process in a timely manner if not already a Recorded Minister.
  • Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated organizational and computer skills.
  • Must have a valid Oregon driver’s license, clean driving record, and pass standard criminal background and credit checks.


Salary and Benefits

  • The package will be commensurate with the individual’s education, skills, and experience. Benefits include paid vacation, sick leave, travel reimbursement, personal development, and insurance supplement.



  • Cover letter addressing the candidate’s ability to perform essential functions of the job of pastor, a resume, and a minimum of three (3) professional references. 
  • Please send application materials to:
  • Preference will be given to applications received by December 15, 2017. 

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