Women's Bible study group


Join us at the EFC library on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM for our women's "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" Bible Study group. Lively discussions ensue from our closer looks at women of the Bible (Tamar, Ruth, Abigail, Mary, etc.,) and life in biblical times. We often reflect on what was it like to be a mother, a widow, a single person, a daughter, or a female slave in biblical times. 

Pam Nash: "It's a wonderful study where we talk freely and openly about scripture, sharing our eclectic opinions. There is no judgment in this group." 



We also tackle topical studies such as faith, hope, forgiveness, moods, sexuality, decision making, and  atonement. We experience together the reality and blessing of being made in God's image. We pray for each other, as well. 

The group does not meet during the summer.